Alkawthr BuildingIn ALMaamoura Alshatee In Alexandria

The company has implemented an “ Alkawthr” building as follows:

  • Pillar with roman style with hight 7.80 m and dir 25 cm.
  • Pillar with roman style with hight 1.65 m and dir 18 cm.
  • Bramq and Cobstat to balconies and windows.
  • Cobstp highest Alfovorjih.
  • Building Fronten contain koybl and accessories.
  • Accessories bottom of the balconies and windows from brdoras .
  • Banoa on both sides of balconies with different sizes.
  • Brdora down Aldrop with width 65 m.
  • Kabat highest Albano on both sides of Albrmq balconies.
  • Works has been done by the GRC material which is a concrete fiber glass.