Palace TowerFreij company new masterpiece
The company has implemented the work of “Palace Tower” as follows

  • Shell below the balcony with 1.25 meters width topped with a Cornice with 26cm width and above the Forforeige a Handrell of GRC material.
  • Chembrali for the balcony doors with a key on the middle and on both sides of the key there are kawabeel, topped with a Cornice with 1.15 meters length and 35cm width topped with Forforeige and above the Forforeige there is a Handrell of GRC material topped with units on the form of lighting units of the GRC material, and two angles on both sides of the key and between the kawabeel with floral decorations.
  • Cornice with kawabeel below balconies with 55 cm width and 2.42 meters length.
  • Kawabeel with 60 cm length, 55 cm width and 24 cm return.
  • Cornice below the Forforeige with 10 cm width.
  • Works has been done by the GRC material which is a concrete fiber glass.