Montazah Royal Plaza TowersThe company has implemented the work of “Montazah Royal Plaza Towers” as follows:

  • Columns rise 7.50 meters high, and 40 cm in diameter.
  • Quarter grille Columns rise 5.80 meters high, and 40 cm in diameter.
  • A box below the columns and rise 1.14 meters high, 65 cm width and 19 cm return, below the columns there are Tkn and below them there are Kawabeel.
  • Cornice with 70 cm width with decoration in the form of leaves.
  • Cornice with 80 cm width for the roof parapet and with circles and grilles and below the grilles there is a white Brdora with an arrow.
  • Works has been done by the GRC material which is a concrete fiber glass.