Mermaid Tower “Camp Caesar, Alexandria”

The company has implemented the work of “Mermaid Tower” as follows:

  • Cornice with 80 cm width with decoration in the form of circles and grilles and below it there is a pendants and a white Paroda with arrow.
  • Granda with 3.00 meters length and right in the middle there is a shell and on both sides of the shell there are leaves.
  • 8 cm Cornice below the Alalumital.
  • Chembrali for windows with 14cm width with a key on the middle and at the bottom of the window there is a window session with 15 cm width and 12 cm return.
  • Chembrali for windows doors with a key in the middle.
  • Works has been done by the GRC material which is a concrete fiber glass.